The group buying and daily deals phenomena have not only hit Australia's shores but are now making big splashes; in particular the group buying sector which is predicted to reach $250 million worth of sales in Australia in 2011 alone.

All this hype and talk prompted lengthy discussions about our previous group buying experiences. We wanted a way to connect with other group buying users online, but there was no such avenue... so we decided it was time for us to bring Australia's group buying community together and create a forum that would bring the deals even closer to the consumer.

To do this we have created a site that compiles all the Australian deals and allows for discussion through all our favourite social channels that are available. We wanted to create a multichannel forum where people can share their experiences of particular coupons or products they have purchased. Of course will also be active in the debate, challenging, critiquing and testing deals that are on offer.

We want to hear about your purchases and experiences, your likes and dislikes, and if you've heard any whispers on the 'deal street'.

The floor is now yours.

Dan & Dave
aka DA & DK